Welcome to World Fashions Park

We have the team of experts in the name of “World Fashions Park” handling garments business inquiries and offer services for identifying the best products as per buyer requirement from OUR OWN FACTORIES. We have highly professional relations with our regular suppliers and we make 100% pre-shipment inspections which get the value to our clients. Our offers for the required products are most competitive prices to match your costing for the further process and having a competitive edge over to your competitors.

To fulfill all above service we formed our own factory with top of the line machineries from renowned brands like Juki, Brother & Pegasus of Japan. The company started its production on 5th May 1999. From that modest beginning today our 100% export oriented Garments Factory making all kinds of knitted & Woven garments. No matter how complicated the requirements are from the Buyers and specializing in Knit items like T-shirt, Polo Shirt, P.K polo, Polar Fleece, Drop Needle, Single jersey & for Woven items Like Trousers, Shorts, Barmuda, Jogging suit, Windbreaker, Light Parka with lined & without lined, Sweater & many other items which are being demanded by our regular Buyers as well as some of the exclusive clients for branded item. All the item has separate floor & separate line as well as separate management.